1. 2013-04-22 Version 1.1 is out

    The Gpx Navigator 1.1 is released.
    This release contains the following changes:

    - GPX Files associated to the App, now you can open your GPX Files from Mails, Downloads etc. by choosing GPX Navigator.
    - Changeable map type. Now you can switch between Standard, Satellite and Hybrid
    - Navigation screen slight re-design. Pause button is now under the direction indicator
    - Navigation screen next and previous buttons to switch between waypoints
    - Voice navigation (beta)
    - Stability improvements and minor bug fixes

  2. 2013-02-22 Version 1.0.1 is out in App Store

    The Gpx Navigator 1.0.1 is released today! Should be available soon.
    This release contains the following changes:

    - Default Gpx file (example)
    - New option to switch off automatic navigation, and switch waypoints by tapping the indicator.
    - Stability improvements
    - Bugfix for GPX Tracks
    - Loading icon to load big GPX files

We suggest the following:

  1. Getting Started
    GPX Navigator gives you a powerful, great way to navigate yourself through your own custum routes routes. GPX Navigater includes useful features like follow yourself on map or use the special navigation board to see where is the next GPS point of your journey.
  2. Create your own GPX file
    Use free, online solutions to create your own files and plan your trips. Bike Hike Cruise Creator The Hug
  3. Import your files to GPX Navigator
    You can easily add your GPX files to GPX Navigator, using iTunes File Sharing (in Apps tab). iTunes File Sharing